Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Happy Birthday LO7

Just wanted to tell all LO7 turns 50 today! and I love,  lust and adore  her more today than yesterday!
Happy birthday baby xoxoxoxkb7

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Lo7 is back with a firm hand

Wow 6 Months since our last post!!!!! I guess life has a way of taking over. Just last night  LO7 said "I really miss our blog and living the life as " the Boss". A warm happiness came over me, My submissive desires never leave but life has a way of suppressing them. Today I was reading through some of our favorite blogs and came across a post on Femdom 101 that was interesting. "The Question" was the title of the post and it was discussing how much control and freedom a husband would give up to live as a submissive to his wife. Good question! If you asked LO7 she would say it would depend on my mood.! Probably true! I think that if a dominant wife did not give her husband the choice of how much freedom he would give but instead told him, she would have the upper hand because this domination would keep him in his sub zone.  For instance instead of " I want to drive.... I am driving is all she needs to say, or to bad you will have to cancel your golf game but I have plans to go shopping with friends and the house needs cleaning before my family arrives. What I am trying to say here is the more control the dominant wife takes the more the man will fall into his sub zone and in this zone he will give up everything . Be careful what you wish for!!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

To do List!

LO7 will be out of town for a week
so from May 28th until June 4th she has instructed me to post a picture a day(sample below) of myself on the blog for her to check up on me. I asked her how would you like me to pose for these pictures and LO7 replied, Let's leave it up to our followers, You will be submissive to their desires for the week! Be gentle!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday, April 18, 2011

Tease and Orgasm

LO7 once again proved to us both that she is indeed in charge. Saturday morning her magic fingers and knock out body teased me for what seemed like hours! During this time she used her free hand to bring herself to orgasm, this alone drove me wild. When she was satisfied sexually and confident I was putty in her hands she asked the question I was desperate to hear "If allowed how would you like to cum?"-IN YOU
I blurted, with that LO7 climbed on top of me, after hours of being brought to the edge it was a ride that only lasted seconds but it was pure heaven. I have been really trying to keep in the submissive mode even after cumming. I think this may help in shortening the time between orgasms.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Technology and FLR

Yesterday I did something which made LO7 happy, in an email I asked to be rewarded with a Blow Job
LO7's reply. Maybe a tease but certainly no orgasm..... at 5:30 this morning her email reply popped into my mind and my going on 19 days of denial hard on, made sure I was awake. Not with LO7 at the time I texted her about my current condition and her text back was very clear... use the pocket pussy to practice control in this horny state, but absolutely no orgasm.... Not a word spoken by either of us,still I knew exactly was was expected of me. Now that is control!

Thursday, March 24, 2011


As you can see by the last long post and movie attachments Kb7 has been busy while I was on holidays. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and in this case the hard-on bigger, thicker and dripping. We are at a stage in our lives where I want a calm peaceful relationship
It seems denial ,teasing and control keeps kb7 the loving gentle person I fell in love with, but his stubborn side has a tendency to overpower.
So here we are day 18 of denial for kb7 and I need to know from you, what do I do?
I can’t keep teasing and denying forever, is there a special number of days of denial?, what happens after I finally grant orgasm?
How do I keep the loving focus going? Kb7 has the easy part he just walks around hard and does nice things for me.
I have to manage this! Help!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

a spring fantasy

LO7 arrived home and we rushed into each other’s arms, 10 days was too long to be apart. My heart felt happy she was home and it did not take long for my penis to start to get aroused as her firm breasts pressed against my chest, my hands roamed her body and as she broke away she playfully said “easy tiger let’s get me unpacked ad relax first”. As we went about unpacking we talked laughed and generally had a nice evening ,while I took care of the dinner dishes LO7 lounged in the tub and made calls to her family to let them know she had arrived safe and catch up. While doing the dishes listening to LO7 in the tub my submissive side could not help but come to the surface, buried away for such a long time it felt wonderful to be back. I instinctively went into the bathroom to re-fill LO7’s wine glass and the smile and loving/knowing look in her eyes made my cock jump as I felt she too had recaptured her Domme side. I made myself busy while LO7 lounged and when she finally appeared in the bedroom I was just settling in pulling back the covers and checking to see what was on TV. Confidently LO7 said shut off the TV and go have a quick shower, my heart and penis jumped as I almost ran down the hall.

When I returner LO7 was waiting in red lingerie and panties I had bought her from Victoria Secret. Naked and hard I jumped into bed and went for my prey. LO7 had other plans and stopped me immediately “slow down we have all night baby” was all she said as she pulled some scarves from under her pillow and began to tie my hands to the head board. Once secure she kissed me long and hard then slowly without saying a word kissed her way down my chest biting my nipples down to my jumping cock she stopped I could feel her breath as she paused looking at it, “I will be back to deal with you later “she said to my cock and slid down and tied my feet with more scarves. Satisfied I was secure LO7 cuddled in next to me and began “I have had a lot of time to think about us on my holiday and there are some immediate changes that I have decided will happen . I started to speak but she quickly stopped me saying “ first you must learn to listen! With that she felt around the bed she came across my underwear and chuckled as she stuffed them into my mouth and tied another scarve around my head to hold them secure. “Bet you wish I had taken mine off! No matter Listen! I am taking control just like you say you want me too and the first thing we must do is fix you, you seem to have lost your emotions I sometimes don’t know if you love, care or even like me. That is why it was so hard on my vacation all those hard bodied men flirting !!! My neck almost snapped as I fought to get the gag out of my mouth and free myself to deal with this. LO7 calmly held my head still and said “ that’s better jealousy is a good emotion and in your eyes I see jealousy that means you do love me, You have never shown this emotion you have only point blank said We are done if I fool around on you . That doesn’t show me love but this does. And she kissed my forehead as I watched her hand slip beneath the fabric of her panties. LO7 played with herself as I lay there helpless “ I love the look in your eyes and I also know you love me now, I also love how your cock can’t lie to me look at it hard and bouncing Pre-cum oozing. That is the second thing we are going to work on. I love your cock LO7 said as she made your way down. I strained to watch but gave up and stared at the ceiling as you played and sucked my aching cock. My brain trying to forget about what you said earlier that made me so jealous . My attention was back on you as you squeezed my balls hard. “Again you are selfish and when we make love you only think of filling me with your load, not my pleasure. This must change! I am sorry but this will take some training and it won’t be easy and I am not sure how long it will take, I guess that is up to you, but we will train this cock to use control and learn to cum when I am ready. Worried I listened on. Staring right now no Cumming for you. You will be in your chasity device 24/7 I will take it off to exercise you and teach you control you will learn to know when you are close and work the proper muscles to stop orgasm. I know from past experience you will cum then say Sorry! Not this time . If you cum not only will you clean it up with your tongue I will add it your your chasity time. Once trained each offense could result in an extra day, week, month or longer I will decide. Again LO7 reinforced her love as she kissed my forehead and cheek then left the room returning with a bag of ice and my chasity device. As she was securing my cock in its prison LO7 went on to explain that she expected me to not argue ,gone are the days of storming out. She would not put up with my anger . She made me agree before she would untie me, once untied and UN gagged Holding LO7 tightly in my arms I said “you didn’t have an affair did you? LO7 smiled and said O honey you know I love you! What did that mean!!! She then had me fetch her battery powered dildo and had me leave the room and close the door this she said was so she could get sexual relief and I was to wait by the door until she was finished and invited back in. LO7 was smart her plan was working outside the door listening to her moans I could not help but get jealous of that plastic lover, and I also found myself wanting to work extra hard to make her happy even when she told me the new rule that a closed door meant wait until you are invited in to enter, I hugged her tight and felt happy as she kissed me good night .

The next afternoon after a peaceful loving morning I was surprised when I got a text from LO7 saying “ I feel so bad I can’t deny you sex totally! My cock ached in its prison, I felt wonderful Until about an hour later when the next text came “I want you to cum tonight so after work shower and get into your pretty red panties and get out my stapon and lube, after a little training in sucking my cock I am going to rape and fuck you until you cum!!! The next text simply said I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. And don’t worry I have only started to take total control over you!