Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Penis Humiliation

LO7 surprised me with a game of penis humiliation! We were making out in bed last Friday night and out of the blue she grabbed my cock and told me to pump, I did and it felt wonderful as a little precum was just enough to keep her had lubed up. as I pumped her hand I was feeling kind of humiliated as she sat back and watched smiling and she added to my humiliation by letting her grip loosen and the start verbally humiliating me by saying”is that all you have for me? That’s not hard enough for my pussy come on pump!”

I pumped and tried to get friction to make my hard on harder, but she kept loosening her grip, that and the wine we consumed resulted in my cock just not getting rock hard. Amused she kept verbally telling me that my cock was not hard enough to enter her and coaxed me to keep pumping as she kept loosening grip more

When she had had enough she said: stop, wiped my pre cum on her belly and started to play with herself, I ran my hands down to her pussy but she pushed them away saying No you don’t deserve to touch me! Watch me and lick your cum off my belly as I take care of what your cock could not do. I licked up the cum as she used her fingers to bring herself to orgasm. When she was done she rolled onto her side facing away from me. still hard I tried to slip my penis between her legs to her wet pussy, she stopped me by squeezing he ass cheeks together " you had your chance to get into my pussy, .maybe next time you will work on getting it harder for me. With that she kissed me and pushed my cock away and that was all the play for that night.