Wednesday, September 19, 2012

New Toy

L7 was very pleased when I showed her the new toy I got for our play times. Unfortunately my sometimes stubborn personality got me in trouble before we had a chance to try it out. LO7 was upset with me over a vanilla issue and I was surprised when she asked me to get out some toys for us to play with. I of course got the new toy I had purchased her and some lube, she sat on the bed and as she admired the toy she pulled a pair of panties from her purse. "I got you a present also" smiling she handed them to me and instructed me to fetch my butt vibrator, lube up and put on the panties. By the time i was fitted and panties on LO7 was already enjoying her new toy.As I approached the bed she stopped, smiling she said “you want a FLR lifestyle? Well here is your punishment for being insensitive the other day! Go stand in the corner eyes to the wall!! Really I said, yes NOW! As I turned and walked to the wall I heard the toy turn on and the heavy breathing start again. The vibrating in my butt, the sounds of LO7 moaning and the total loss of control of the situation had pre-cum staining my new panties in minutes. LO7 tease me from the bed telling me how good her toy felt, and also made sure to add a little humiliating comments on the size and hardness and how she was going to make the pleasure last for hours with the toy, I wanted so much to turn and look but every time I moved my neck to try and peak she was on me to keep my eyes where she instructed. Finally after a long moaning session LO7 instructed me to approach the bed with my hands behind my back. Standing beside her I wanted nothing more that to Jump, grope, lick, kisses, anything to touch her but she had other plans. She teased me as she slid her toy between her tits, "bet you wish. you cock was sliding between my breasts she said as she used the vibrating part on her nipples making her moan. Yes please I said as I started to move closer STOP or the show is over, I froze. Hard and hands behind my back LO7 slowly guided the toy into her swollen hot pussy I almost came at that point watching the toy disappear as her moaning got louder. after several minutes LO7 smiled and said”I bet you would like to taste my hot pussy juices wouldn't you?

Finally! I thought, YES please, OK but you can’t touch me you can lick them off my toy. She laughed as she saw the confuse disappointed look on my face and just instructed me to kneel and shoved the toy up to my lips, I started to lick the sweet juices off her toy but LO7 had a better idea Pushing my head down she said come on suck that cock like I have sucked yours! With that she gently pulled and pushed my head onto the toy Humiliated I did as I was told watching as her other hand found her hot pussy , Knowing I was watching she said Do a good Job with that blow job and maybe I will give you a treat. She stopped guiding my head and played with herself as I tried my best to perform like I have watched her do to me many times in the past. When she was satisfied she pulled the toy from my mouth and inserted it back into her pussy, pushing my head away. I was frustrated when she instructed me to return to the corner. After her slow Loud hot orgasm LO7 wrapped her arms around me in the corner Hugging me she whispered, how much she liked the FLR punishments instead of getting mad and not speaking. Her hands lowered to my cock and the feeling of them and the soft fabric of the panties felt like heaven. as she played with me LO7 commented on how the wet stain on the front of my panties was proof that in fact this was no punishment I was enjoying it way too much.

She turned me around grabbed my rock hard penis, "you can clean and put away the toys while I shower, another couple weeks of denial and maybe I will give you that Blow Job!!!!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Trip East

LO7 and I are planning a trip to Boston in early November. We would love to meet and get to know and learn more about FLR from another couple or couples living the lifestyle. So if any one out there is in Boston ,drop us a note and maybe we could meet for dinner and drinks.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Penis Humiliation

LO7 surprised me with a game of penis humiliation! We were making out in bed last Friday night and out of the blue she grabbed my cock and told me to pump, I did and it felt wonderful as a little precum was just enough to keep her had lubed up. as I pumped her hand I was feeling kind of humiliated as she sat back and watched smiling and she added to my humiliation by letting her grip loosen and the start verbally humiliating me by saying”is that all you have for me? That’s not hard enough for my pussy come on pump!”

I pumped and tried to get friction to make my hard on harder, but she kept loosening her grip, that and the wine we consumed resulted in my cock just not getting rock hard. Amused she kept verbally telling me that my cock was not hard enough to enter her and coaxed me to keep pumping as she kept loosening grip more

When she had had enough she said: stop, wiped my pre cum on her belly and started to play with herself, I ran my hands down to her pussy but she pushed them away saying No you don’t deserve to touch me! Watch me and lick your cum off my belly as I take care of what your cock could not do. I licked up the cum as she used her fingers to bring herself to orgasm. When she was done she rolled onto her side facing away from me. still hard I tried to slip my penis between her legs to her wet pussy, she stopped me by squeezing he ass cheeks together " you had your chance to get into my pussy, .maybe next time you will work on getting it harder for me. With that she kissed me and pushed my cock away and that was all the play for that night.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Playoff Update

After 10 days of teasing the score LO7 3-kb7 0 !
LO7 is really enjoying our game and has even had a few ALMOST orgasms just to keep me totally in the dark and displaying her control of both of our orgasms ( I thought if i got her hot enough, I could get her to a point of not stopping)
We have also talked about penis piercings! does anyone have any ideas on this!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Playoff time

Our Canucks are out of the hockey playoffs so LO7 has come up with a new “series” to keep in the playoff spirit.

Tease and Denial, for me, Orgasms for her!

So far LO7 is ahead 2 Orgasms to 0 for me. The only thing different from Hockey is LO7 knows exactly when and how the outcome will turn out and I can only hope it is at least a bit in my teams favor.

LO7 has allowed me to bring her to orgasm with my fingers once while she played with my cock keeping me on the edge of orgasm. For her second orgasm LO7 forbid me to touch her as she brought herself to orgasm with one hand and kept me again on edge with the other. What could be next?

I guess LO7 could continue on racking up orgasms by me licking, and using her vibrator and I could continue to squirm with her magic fingers and mouth bringing me to the point of AMOST no return.

LO7 could create a trade off with Vanilla or kinky tasks! (EX: do this for me and I May let you cum!)

LO7 could set a bench mark EX: 10 orgasms for Her 1 for me.

LO7 could offer different scenarios and make me choose how I would like to orgasm EX: I can masturbate and come on her tits tonight or wait 1 week and enjoy her lowering her hot pussy on my cock and riding me to orgasm! Again she has the option of driving me crazy by adding more rules , EX: if I choose to wait and penetrate her she may require me to lick her to orgasm if I cum before her , thus cleaning my cum from her hot pussy!

The Options are endless but one thing is for sure. I crave the tease and denial, it makes LO7 hot to see me at the brink of exploding only to stop and watch me squirm. Having her make me watch and hearing her bring herself to orgasm almost makes me cum without even touching myself. Now that is a connected couple!!!

However it plays out one thing is for sure, the excitement of the game is worth the agony of denial


Sunday, January 22, 2012


Lo7 and I had a wonderful weekend away, lets just say we left allot of DNA at the hotel.
We talked about the blog and both agreed that we get the best response when we post pictures. I suggested to LO7 that our followers would much rather see pictures of a hot Domme than a sub in panties! or maybe some action shots! your comments will be the deciding factor.