Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Closing in on 1 Year

January marks 1 year of our Blog, I cannot believe the ride so far. As of today Lo7 and I seem to have taken another step hand in hand into the lifestyle of FLR. Our Christmas was the most loving and peaceful yet,the children, LO7 and I enjoyed a wonderful holiday. Lo7 has embraced her new role as Domme of our sexual life and is eager to experiment more in Controlling our everyday lives. This in turn has pushed me deeper into my sub role and has made pleasing and serving her more of gift of my love to her. My new years resolutions for 2010 are
1) Focus on exercise, this will be for
my health and for the pleasure of my Goddess to have a nice trophy to admire.
2) Stay the Man my Goddess fell in love with, this will keep the love growing between us.
3) At Lo7's Pace and desire continue to refine my submission and encourage her Control over our relationship. This will ensure we have a comfortable future together with Lo7 managing both our Lives financially.
4) Explore along with LO7 the joy of being her slave and gladly take on more domestic chores while she learns to enjoy the fact that she need not feel guilt and anxiety over to much to do but can strengthen our love by sitting back knowing that her slave will gladly do these tasks to prove his love.
5) Lo7 an kb7 will grow into one with Lo7 knowing that kb7 will be her tower of strength and sounding board making the relationship a model FLR one with LO7 at the controls and kb7 supporting her all the way.
Happy New Year to all

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Play Time

Lo7 and I watched a teasing video on the blog" On being Her Bitch" http://onbeingherbitch.blogspot.com/2009/12/what-do-you-want-for-christmas.html. Lo7 could not help but notice how turned on I got watching it and later that day I was not totally surprised when she told me to strip and tied me to a chair. I was instantly turned on and Lo7 teased me with her mouth and hands bringing me to the edge many times only to stop and sit on the bed sipping her wine watching me squirm and then ignoring me and watching the TV. This continued for a while then she Blindfolded me and sat on me I could not take it and started to feel myself cum. I managed to stop with only a small amount leaking out when Lo7 jumped off me saying "YOU BETTER NOT CUM!!! I guess what I experienced was what I have only read about, A ruined Orgasm!
Lo7 continued to tease but soon became bored , my cock was only half hard and she said why should She have to try and get it hard if I could not! This Verbal Humiliation went from my ears straight to my cock, who knew the power of words could make me feel so inferior and so turned on . After untying me Her Domme personality was natural and at the forefront and she made me crawl around the bed to retrieve her wine glass and fill it. I felt a little embarrassed that my cock was not getting hard for Lo7 but was getting more turned on sitting next to her listening as we talked and she explained she was not happy with my on and off submission and how more public humiliation would be in store if I did not start acting how I was supposed to. Lo7 seemed to be becoming more comfortable in her Domme role that night and it did not take me long to get hard again just listening as she verbally attacked me. I don't even think she realized what she was saying when she said " You better get your tongue down there and make me cum because your cock sure wont do it! but the shame and humiliation I felt made me as hard as an 18 year old Virgin. I licked her until she was squirming with pleasure and when her leg brushed against my hard cock she grabbed it and pulled me on top of her, again in her Domme demanding voice "Finish me off and do not let MY COCK cum!!!! I Kissed My princess with all my Love and passion and luckily finished her off with HER hard cock. She had me stop and would not allow me to cum, saying I had my orgasm on the chair. i never knew that some simple works delivered in a dominating -humiliating way could turn me on to that extent. On the outside I was embarrassed but on the inside I was totally where I wanted to be! We both slept with smiles on our faces that night.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Norm and the Fantasy

Lo7 loves to watch our follower number go up! The only way this happens is to post, so here we go. FLR is definitely becoming more prominent in our lives, the norm now is for me to paint Lo7's nails, morning tea is also served to Lo7 in bed, it is just the way it is. Lo7 told me to post a fantasy, We are going away this weekend for 2 days no kids just us, so i figured a weekend fantasy would be in order.
In my fantasy as soon as we leave Lo7 takes full control, this get away is about truly being slave to her. In my fantasy the more control Lo7 takes the hotter and wetter she gets! In my fantasy Lo7 has many orgasms however she wants them, I have as many as she wants! In my fantasy if Lo7 says walk a 1/2 pace behind me I do, carrying her bags as she shops. Or she may just say wait in the car and this is what i must do. In my fantasy Lo7 has no reservations punishing her slave for any actions that do not meet her expectations.The punishment may not happen right away but Lo7 would definitely take pleasure in keeping me aware that when we get back to the room I may be standing in the corner naked with a red butt reflecting on my actions. What I eat , drink, or even the cloths I wear are not my choice and lo7 is always sure to remind me of this. In my fantasy Lo7 has me marked in a discreet way , (maybe 1 painted finger nail) in public she takes pleasure in pushing the limit of exposing my slave marking(s).I as slave have no money or credit cards and even sleeping on the bed is a privilege not a right. In my fantasy even with this extreme role play any one seeing us together would be jealous of the love and affection being displayed by a mid 40s couple. In my fantasy I grow as a submissive to Lo7 and Lo7 grows as the Leader in this lifestyle.