Wednesday, December 22, 2010

More vegas teasing and waiting

After hours of tease and denial The watch went on to remind me to stay hard and ready as I waited  for LO7 to return to the room 

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

the last straw

As you can see by LO7's recent posts I have pushed her to her limit. I write today with a promise to LO7 and to myself to work my hardest to become the submissive husband I have fantasized of. LO7 was totally correct when she said I only posted  when it was positive about our relationship and we had worked it out . Good has come from this! LO7 has become more active in the blog anxious to learn from comments and other blogs on how to proceed in our journey. On another note WE ARE GOING TO VEGAS!!!
December 9-12th, 2010 !!! we talked last night  about how fun it would be to meet up with another "normal couple" who share the same lifestyle as us. Any readers out there going to sin city next week??? 

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Fed up...

Usually when you hear from Kb7 it is pre-fantasy or post fantasy. Kb7 is generally seeking advise how to fix his BAD behavior or asking for the appropriate punishment. Well the punishment is not really a punishment it is what he desires, so are we really helping or condoning his behavior?
This is a lifestyle I was approached with and consented to, why is it such a continuously fight and struggle? kb7 flip flops between vanilla and the true blue person he really is. I get used to the loving , attentive, doting pussy whipped slave one day and then I get the stubborn, sarcastic and sometime verbally mean man I am married to.
I have instructed Kb7 to make his confession public to our loyal will be the judge and jury.
The other morning I stopped by the office to start a little tease session with Kb7, I was wearing my skinny jeans with my black suede over the Knee boots, black Lacy Victoria Secret push up bra under my new Lacy sheer black blouse....when I walked in the door Kb7 was obviously agitated, I was put off by his rejection. I walked back to the door said I was going Christmas shopping, he said yeah see ya! I said "gee this submissive lifestyle is sure working for you hey?" KB7 told me to "SHUT UP!" ....Let the jury decide .
I continuously struggle for power, our vanilla lifestyle is much more peaceful yet not full confused and frustrated!
LO7 xo

Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Daily"Vanilla" Reminder

LO7 is away this weekend, I love it when we are connected and I really feel the love and truly miss her.
I have been thinking of ways to stay this close and think that maybe a "Vanilla Daily Ritual" might help to remind us of our rolls and no matter what the mood of either of us this simple task must be completed and hopefully it will be enough to keep both of us focused on each other. I am looking for ideas it could be something very simple, or something a little more complex I am open to suggestions

Friday, November 19, 2010

No Pictures

LO7 Promised pictures of our recent whipping session, I must apologize for them not being here. Under strict orders not to cum, I came ! this upset LO7 and our play ended for the night. LO7 will be posting about this soon

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Next Level

Life really throws the curve balls when you expect a strike.LO7and I have had some real tough times connecting over the last few months, so our FLR went right out the window, Reading through our older posts I realize that maybe we should have read the comments a little more carefully. I think that when we are connected and in the lifestyle peace and harmony just happen. I would like to have that peace and I know LO7 would as well, So once again I will ask how can we go to a higher level of FLR and live a peace full loving lifestyle and take a few of the escape routes My stubborn self seems to find when I don't like the way things are going.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

We are still here

So Sorry
Life has got us on the run
How do some of our fellow bloggers find the time to keep so up to date?

Friday, October 8, 2010

Still here

Sorry it has been so long between posts. I founnd this picture after reading some comments on older posts and thought it fit ! Just for fun We would like some feed back on punishments or ideas to stop  the Husband  cumming before the wife during lovemaking.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Life is to short to be vanilla

With a few tragedies hitting close to home lately and every year getting a Little older my submissive side is fighting a little harder every day to live under more of LO7's control.The big question is will the Submissive me be happy when LO7 takes more control and will LO7 be happy being head of the household! I guess if we knew all the answers the journey would be kind of  boring !

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ideas I found for LO7

Handy Reference for the Dominant Wife Who Doesn't Mind Indulging in D/s Once In A While

A list of personally recommended domestic disciplinary procedures with helpful comments from practitioners and recipients, mostly extracted from the She Makes the Rules site.


Weekend Grounding - Friday evening until Monday morning he stays in the house and gets a long list of to-dos. All plans are cancelled no matter how long ago they were made. He won't forget to take out the trash again!

2.Porn Surfing
"She does control my surfing. One time she noticed that I had erased my history and she got upset. Since then, I am not allowed to erase the history and she'll do a spot check every once in a while. She said if I do, she will buy Net Nanny and install it. She knows I come to this site but I do not go to any other adult related sites anymore."

3.Cash Allowance 
"At first, the idea of my wife controlling all our finances was a turn on. Then it was a scary and humbling experience at the same time. I was sacred to leave myself so vulnerable as to entrust my future well being to another. I was also humbled by her control of my cash allowance and had to ask for her assistance when I needed it. Now the arrangement has become the norm."

"His commitment to chastity has special meaning because it deals with your control over his most fundamental pleasure of the human experience. The sexuality of chastity is blatantly the fact that a woman is controlling her husband's sexual it has extra powerful significance. For this reason, we tend to emphasize its importance to D/s relationships. However, although more sexually charged, it is really no different than any other routine, task, or challenge to which a submissive husband is compelled to comply."

"Many women find that a man becomes more willing to please, becomes more submissive, when he has gone without an orgasm for a period of time."


Corporal discipline should be given in a firm and authoritative tone indicative of training or to bring attention to an inappropriate behavior. Never give corporal discipline in anger. 

"This isn't something she's done to me much, maybe a half dozen times at the most.  It is all about power and submission, and she really gave it to me. This was the most physically aggressive she had ever been toward me. Physically it was very uncomfortable for me, and somewhat humiliating, but psychologically and emotionally it was wonderful."

3.Corner time
"As much as I hate standing in the corner, we find it to be an effective part of discipline. It most likely is assigned before and after a spanking and is always pants lowered, usually for 10 - 30 minutes, no bottom rubbing or speaking (unless spoken to) allowed. I have to hold my testicles while in the corner one in each hand. 
While I generally resent being sent there, after a few minutes, I find myself reflecting on what got me there and how dumb I was to do whatever it was I did to end up with a red bottom, standing in the corner, while she is off watching television, chatting with friends on the phone, or just doing normal things. But if its before she spanks me I get really nervous."

Is he whining or talking back to you? Good old soap in the mouth works wonders. 
Put a bar of soap between his teeth and make him hold it there until you are finished with him.

5.Restricting clothes
Prevent him from wearing any clothes or give him embarrassing clothes to wear such as a colorful house dress. 

6.CB3000 with insert.
No self-control? Erections will be the last thing he'll want with the spiky 'points of intrigue' inserted.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

FLM wins

LO7 and I both agree we are happiest and at Peace when we are living the FLM lifestyle.
Our biggest problem is me staying submissive which keeps LO7 dominant. I guess it is not natural for either of us so we really need to communicate and get back on track, which is what we promised each other we would do starting as soon as LO7 get back from her camping trip. We would love to hear ANY suggestions or experiences in this lifestyle that may help us stay focused 

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

a week at the beach

LO7 will be away camping at a local lake for a week. I will not be joining her but if i was i imagine this picture would explain my duties

Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday, July 12, 2010

Tick Tock

LO7 really knows how to keep me on my toes
Friday came and went with no call to start re- training
I guess the waiting is all PART of the training!!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

boot camp

I have always had submissive fantasies, Lo7 is new to the Domme roll, but learning very fast. We juggle between vanilla responsibilities and our secret life. L07 has decided we have been exploring long enough, She has an idea what she wants out of my submissive side but needs to "tear me down and rebuild me".
I have to agree that I do control when I feel like being Sub and that is very frustrating for L07 so she "read the riot act"
When she is ready, she will inform me on a Friday morning and I MUST
1)Clear all plans for that weekend
2)Have groceries and a menu for a light meal Friday night.
3)At 5:00 pm Friday-5:00pm Sunday all my rights and freedom I am accustomed to cease, and I must go directly home and  proceed and obey any instructions I receive  from LO7 without question .
4) If Lo7 is not home and there are no instructions I must simply strip and put all my possession's in "her master bedroom in a box she will provide.
5) Naked , I must now simply wait for my Mistress to arrive, being stripped of rights I may not turn on a TV/radio/computer or eat or drink I must just stand or kneel which ever Lo7 has required and wherever she has required ,me to do so and wait for her.
6) Lo7 has also informed me that any time I am in the waiting mode. I must be using my brain to think of nice things I can do for her , Meal planning , surprise romantic evenings etc. She has also informed me that this is a very important task and while she may be relaxing with friends having a glass of wine I must be using this down time to better our lives. This task of rebuilding my submissiveness is very important and when she does get home the ideas and commitment I share with LO7  will determine where I sleep that night. Bad=garage floor Through Excellent = Master bed
7) LO7 has assured me that we will have a weekend of full Mistress -Slave lifestyle (and by slave she assures me i will not as much as breath without her consent) complete with humiliation private and public, discipline and lots of pampering for her. At the end of the weekend she will review and together we will sit down and talk about what works and does not work for us. LO7 will ultimately make the decision on how much control she will retain from decision making, financial issues and our sex life. LO7 has also warned that if I disobey or even speak with out permission she may end the weekend at any time and this she says would be very detrimental to our future relationship. 1 Last request LO7 has ask me to do is to ask readers for there input on what other things we should explore in this boot camp weekend.
So now I only can wait for her 5:00 o'clock call.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Rome wasn't built in a day...

Taking control in this lifestyle is not easy, it can be frustrating and rewarding. This was a fantasy Kb7 approached me with, looking to add some fire to our already hot sex life I was in for the exciting new challenge. For those who are dedicated to this lifestyle can relate with the daily challenges we face balancing kids, family, work, friends and life in general.
Over the past year at times I admit to feeling a little resentful towards Kb7,I often feel as though my roll is much more of an ongoing work in progress. I feel as though I am doing all the giving and changing to please KB7s sexual fantasies and desires. We are human and have our disagreements, admittedly not the best time to express my resentment. As a result we would both pull away from this lifestyle taking sometime to get back on track, making up is always extremely satisfying as I always feel like I get the last word as I regain control once again.
Recently after a very heated argument words had been exchanged and Kb7 misunderstood me, resulting in this blog being deleted. I felt as though this could quite possibly be the end of our relationship. Why?
This lifestyle is something we share with eachother and fellow followers exclusively. I have come to love, worship and admire my Kb7 not the vanilla husband that trys to regain control. Kb7 was shocked when I announced this could be the end of our marriage.Kb7 exploded saying "IT IS ONLY A BLOG"! I retaliated this is not a blog this is us, this is what we have become, this is not only your fantacy anymore this is mine, this is our life. I felt we could not move forward in the vanilla relationship any longer not after having a taste of the FLR! There was no going back, only moving forward with or without eachother. After a tearful couple of days Kb7 announced the blog was back, I can't tell you how relieved I was. I felt like the void was filled again.
I was surprised at how much I enjoy our lifestyle and our BLOG this is us and this is our story. No pain no gain! It is a struggle but very worth the effort. xoxoxo

Friday, May 21, 2010

back on track

LO7 was quite upset when she realized I had deleted the blog after an argument we had over this lifestyle and my (and Her) lack of commitment to living the FLR we talk about. I think the picture says a 1000 words and I assure all followers that We are back and LO7 is on a Fem Domme rampage, I sure all will enjoy any future posts, and I apologize to LO7 and our followers for deleting this blog.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Life is busy

Sorry for the absence
LO7 will be commenting on the last post. Has anyone else noticed how busy life has gotten lately?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Her pleasure first always

I don’t consider myself and Superman a fair comparison, I do not fear kryptonite!
Seriously I think the comic portrays submissive men accurately. We spend our Lives as the “male superhero protector” But our queen’s know we answer to them without hesitation. LO7, my queen gets frustrated when I slip into my Vanilla ways, orgasm denial is used to keep me focused. Lo7 may get frustrated but I also get frustrated because as I slip to the Vanilla side so too does she.As I sit here reading other Blogs and writing today I feel myself slipping back into the role I love… Servant Husband to the head of the household .. LO7.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Not Letting Up

LO7 is going to be sure that Submissive kb7 is the front and center personality she can expect at any time. Last night when she saw a hint of the old me coming out at the dinner table she gave me a look that needed no words, later out of earshot from the kids she reinforced her look by saying "Clean up then 10 minutes with the pocket pussy NO Cumming" Again I returned to the Subkb7 she has grown to love. I wanted to make love to my wife in the worst way , but knew the pocket pussy was the only pussy I would get this night!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Red Panties and Denial

LO7 noticed my transformation back into the sarcastic ,stubborn man before I even realized I was changing. That's why I was surprised when she pulled my red panties out and said "wear these today".. Right away I realized I was slipping out of my sub-zone when instead of being excited I only thought of how careful I would have to be all day bending and how Humiliated I would feel just talking to the guys knowing our secret. Wanting to please I put them on and within seconds LO7 commented on my hard-on. the feeling of my cock against the lace turned my brain right back into the sub zone. For the remainder of the day Badk struggled with Subk for control... We all know that Subk, won but just to make sure I understood that badk was not going to be tolerated LO7 went right from the red pantie punishment to tease and denial punishment taking me to the edge then with a wicked grin said "be careful what you wish for"... So today I am once again the Sub man that adores and worships my LO7

Monday, April 5, 2010

Natural Order

Our Lives have become very peaceful and loving. It is almost to easy, 1 person in the relationship is in full control (LO7) and the other lovingly follows the lead of his partner. I think most couples could learn from our relationship, but unfortunately I don't think our friends would understand how right it is to live in a female led relationship. So once again LO7 and I are taking baby steps and are hoping to meet others through the blog who live this lifestyle, Online first from anywhere in the world and hopefully in person one day in British Columbia and Washington State. I think it would be nice to finally go out to dinner with a couple and enjoy a fun evening talking and openly living the life of a submissive husband to my queen.

Friday, March 26, 2010

it pays to be obediant

The result....I had an earth shattering, body shaking orgasm! The reason, I was at my best all week. Lo7 refused to let me touch her but had me doing nightly training with my pocket pussy stopping just before it was too late, waiting and doing it again and again. No Orgasms just lots of pumping and frustration, this of course along with the humiliation of using this plastic pussy while lying next to my wife not being allowed to touch her sent me deeper and deeper into my submissive zone. Was it worth it? YES!!! And this week so far is the same as last week I am so horney and aching, dreaming of sliding into Lo7's hot pussy!!! I truly do adore my wife and the more we travel down this road the more love and content we both feel.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Training has begun

The fantasy of submitting is becoming reality. I never Dreamed that LO7 and I would live the lifestyle that is becoming the norm for us. I started my pocket pussy training last night as LO7 watched, amused with what she was seeing and really turned on by the fact that she was going to cum but both of us knew I was not! I find my self today horny and can think of nothing more than how to please and make LO7's life more like that of a queen she deserves. I don't want this ride to end!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pussy Worship

With the arrival of many new toys for our toy box Lo7 has come to enjoy my tongue
even more. At this point LO7 is training "her" cock to be more in control,and only cum when she says it is OK. This was brought on after some "accidents" over the last few weeks. So for now LO7 enjoys my tongue worshiping her Pussy and many toys to take the place of "her Cock" while I am in strict training with my "Pocket Pussy" and will not be able to enter LO7 again until I can Cum or not Cum on LO7's demand.

Monday, February 15, 2010

5 more days

I May get to orgasm in 5 days, I think the picture is worth a thousand words

Thursday, February 11, 2010


LO7 has made it clear that I will not cum until our weekend getaway next weekend

Feb 19-20. The term ” be careful what you wish for comes to mind “ I was allowed to cum last Sunday but only because I was past the point of no return and LO7 had enjoyed a few orgasms by that point. So I am at a minimum 9 days and counting!!!! 1 year ago LO7 would have never dreamed of making me wait for an orgasm, quite the opposite, she always made sure I was completely satisfied even if she was not in the mood. As I sit here typing horny and “MALE” I have to ask my self “are you nuts” and the answer is YES";Because the Sub in me is much stronger now and lives for the denial and loss of control,

Just knowing that LO7 can cum whenever she wants but I have to have her permission to even touch myself is a turn on that only a true sub can appreciate

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Natural Order

I find that the more stress full my Vanilla life becomes the more I fall into my submissive space. I think I am hard wired to be the Submissive in our relationship but society does not see that as the "norm"

By day I own, manage and work in my succesfull small business. I wonder what my staff and customers would think if they knew that behind closed doors I Love to submit to my Queen LO7. Imagine the look on my staff's faces if they ever caught a glimpse of me in my red or black panties kneeling at LO7's feet painting her toe nails . The fear of exposure is a huge turn on for both LO7 and myself. Being from a small town we are very carefull to keep our private life secert from all, but when we are away LO7 loves to show, very discreatly of course, who is in control of our relationship. As we continue to grow in our respective roles the "norm" is slowly changing for what I think is the better.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dodging bullets

All I could do was close my mouth tight. LO7 instructed me to eat the cum that I shot all over my chest WITHOUT her permission. I hesitated long enough for her to change her mind. That would have been a hard order to “swallow” had she not had second thoughts.Lo7 and I have been exploring this lifestyle for about a year now and continue to grow into our respective rolls. LO7 knows that the more she denies me the more submissive I get and the more dominant she becomes. When I came the other day after express instructions not to I knew I was in for some major tease and denial this week. Waking up hard and horny LO7 enjoyed her morning tea teasing my naked cock to the edge only to stop short of an orgasm. This along with her informing me that when we are on our trip to Vegas in March I will not only be sexually tormented for the entire week but will also be stripped of any financial decisions. LO7 will control the cash and I must explain any spending not instructed by her. This is a huge step in our FLR relationship, up until now it has mostly been in the bedroom but now LO7 is expanding to our day-to-day life, which scares and excites me at the same time.

I will try and do more regular postings and as always we love to read any comments left by readers


Sunday, January 3, 2010

Domme House

HNY to all of our faithful followers...cheers to another great year of growing!

Kb7 had business which took us for another overnight stay out of town, much needed after an exhausting holiday, lots of family, skiing, cooking and cleaning. We made arrangements for the kids and left at 7am...

On the trip down we chatted reflecting back on the holiday season and the lack of intimacy, but not a lack of desire we missed with one and other. I shared with Kb7 a new rule which was to be implemented effective immediatley ...when Kb7 displeases me, I am going to have him sleep on my side of the bed on the floor on a nice padded little bed like a dog would sleep on next to his beloved owner. Dogs are the most faithful of companions whos main objective is to please their master. When a dog is disciplined he accepts his punishement, moves forward, doesn't hold a grudge and continues being loyal to his master. Dogs greet their masters with unconditional love and devotion, greeting their master with a wagging tale get the picture. Having shared this with Kb7, I could see the pleasure and disbelief come over his face. Admittedly he was completely shocked that I am taking my role more serious.

Did I mention during my birthday get-a-way, I had Kb7 carry my Victoria Secret shopping bag, while I filled it with satin and lace:) Oh I didn't leave Kb7 out, I had him pick a pair of panties out for himself, I talked just loud enough for him to hear me, but for others within listening distance to hear as well. Kb7 shared with me later on that night as he modelled his black lace panties for me, a lady had been staring and flirting with him as I had him stand outside the change room for 30 +minutes, I told Kb7 I would be playing with myself and not to rush me!

I need to get a "dommey bed" for my loyal companion...any thoughts?