Monday, February 15, 2010

5 more days

I May get to orgasm in 5 days, I think the picture is worth a thousand words

Thursday, February 11, 2010


LO7 has made it clear that I will not cum until our weekend getaway next weekend

Feb 19-20. The term ” be careful what you wish for comes to mind “ I was allowed to cum last Sunday but only because I was past the point of no return and LO7 had enjoyed a few orgasms by that point. So I am at a minimum 9 days and counting!!!! 1 year ago LO7 would have never dreamed of making me wait for an orgasm, quite the opposite, she always made sure I was completely satisfied even if she was not in the mood. As I sit here typing horny and “MALE” I have to ask my self “are you nuts” and the answer is YES";Because the Sub in me is much stronger now and lives for the denial and loss of control,

Just knowing that LO7 can cum whenever she wants but I have to have her permission to even touch myself is a turn on that only a true sub can appreciate

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Natural Order

I find that the more stress full my Vanilla life becomes the more I fall into my submissive space. I think I am hard wired to be the Submissive in our relationship but society does not see that as the "norm"

By day I own, manage and work in my succesfull small business. I wonder what my staff and customers would think if they knew that behind closed doors I Love to submit to my Queen LO7. Imagine the look on my staff's faces if they ever caught a glimpse of me in my red or black panties kneeling at LO7's feet painting her toe nails . The fear of exposure is a huge turn on for both LO7 and myself. Being from a small town we are very carefull to keep our private life secert from all, but when we are away LO7 loves to show, very discreatly of course, who is in control of our relationship. As we continue to grow in our respective roles the "norm" is slowly changing for what I think is the better.