Friday, July 31, 2009


I have made a promise to Lo7.
For the month of August, I will work on being more attentive and loving to her. I will not argue. We are at this point in our relationship because Lo7 is getting frustrated with my switching from loving sub to somewhat cold husband. This exercise I feel will give me time to explore my submissive side and try and bring it forward without the option of returning to the vanilla me. For Lo7 , she will be able to explore her Domme side with no pressure to try and fulfill my fantasies and have to opportunity to take more daily control ( Financial,domestic or whatever pleases her) and not have to worry about the arguments , only enjoy a more loving attentive husband. Some of you may be saying "but why a time limit, if this is truly a FLR it is always!" My response to that is , I think day to day life is hard enough to manage without throwing more into the mix! Saying 1 month gives us both the time to explore and find out what we like and how we want to proceed with this lifestyle. I will keep the blog updated daily as part of my focus on FLM.