Saturday, November 26, 2011

Lo7 is back with a firm hand

Wow 6 Months since our last post!!!!! I guess life has a way of taking over. Just last night  LO7 said "I really miss our blog and living the life as " the Boss". A warm happiness came over me, My submissive desires never leave but life has a way of suppressing them. Today I was reading through some of our favorite blogs and came across a post on Femdom 101 that was interesting. "The Question" was the title of the post and it was discussing how much control and freedom a husband would give up to live as a submissive to his wife. Good question! If you asked LO7 she would say it would depend on my mood.! Probably true! I think that if a dominant wife did not give her husband the choice of how much freedom he would give but instead told him, she would have the upper hand because this domination would keep him in his sub zone.  For instance instead of " I want to drive.... I am driving is all she needs to say, or to bad you will have to cancel your golf game but I have plans to go shopping with friends and the house needs cleaning before my family arrives. What I am trying to say here is the more control the dominant wife takes the more the man will fall into his sub zone and in this zone he will give up everything . Be careful what you wish for!!!