Thursday, April 30, 2009

Chasity devices

As we travel down the FLR road Lo7 is finding that having me not in a cage but instead free and hard is more to her liking. Control means that I must obey, period. The feeling of frustration as she brings me to the edge then stops is far more effective for our Domme/sub relationship than locking me up and not touching me. This free and hard chasity is also more of a mind control, I never know until the time cums if I will cuml! Lo7 may respond to my sexual advances and we may make Hot sweaty Love, or she may not! Either way in this lifestyle the choice is all hers, so our cage is a mind cage, my cock is there and hard but it is not for me to touch without Lo7's permission. I suppose she may make me use the plastic cage and lock as more of a punishment tool to remind me who runs the show, but I think we both would rather use the mind control Chastity to keep me locked up

Monday, April 27, 2009


I have been doing the homework Lo7 has requested, Reading Blogs and reporting to her things that may be important to a Domme/sub lifestyle. We both realize that we cant be into this 24/7 so rituals are very important.I have always served Lo7 tea in the morning, even before we started exploring this lifestyle, but this morning my daily tea delivery became my reminder of who really is in charge.Lo7 can do things with her tongue and hands that would drive any man wild(I think you know what I mean) anyway I was laying there eyes closed her tongue skillfully overpowering me when all the sudden she stopped and said get my tea hon! I jumped up and ran to put the kettle on and got right back, When I returned she was sitting up in bed smiling she then proceeded to inform me that we would not be finishing what we started and that I was to shower while the tea was steeping and then serve her, naked and hard! Hoping she would give in I obeyed, staying hard was not a problem knowing what her tongue Can do and the image of her sitting in bed with the confident I am queen look. I served her tea and stood naked waiting. She reached out and stroked my penis and I closed my eyes but the stroking was short and my eyes opened quickly when she informed me that I would not be cumming this morning. She went on to say that she noticed that when aroused I was very affectionate and doting, but when I came the affection was almost forced and I was not as accommodating. She implemented some changes into our morning tea ritual to keep me constantly aware of my status in our relationship. From today on I must serve her tea naked and hard, she also added that if I sensed her mood to be that of her not wanting to see me naked and hard then boxers where expected, she then went on to say that if my attitude was not to her liking naked and hard would be changed to panties and hard to remind me that control was a word I could not use to describe my part in our relationship.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Love and Obey

Just a quick note to tell everyone following that Lo7 and I seem to be finding our roles in this lovestyle.This has made us both fall in love again (not that we did not love each other). It seems now that I look at her through the eyes of an 18 year old boy in love and lust for the first time! We both enjoy spending an evening on the computer reading blogs ,learning and exploring how others live.The one thing I cant help but notice is many men hide this Kinky lovestyle from their wives/girl friends. TELL Her!!! You only go around once, don't keep this submissive desire from her. Anyway We will get be back to posting Kinky messages and pictures.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

My night away with the Boys!

Through out the whole trip I was nervous and restless,Any guy who has been away on a kids sports trip knows You cant just get to the Hotel and spend a half hour in the bathroom with out a good excuse. As we pulled into the town and I started to rub the knot out of my shoulder the light went on in my head! After the kids had settled and the other dad had cracked a beer I said man this shoulder need a soaking I cant even twist the cap off my beer. With the excuse in place I retired to the bathroom to do as my wife had instructed. Shave, Lock up and "gulp" put on your new panties!
Now believe me when I say I have never owned a pair of panties never mind red and lacy. To make matters worse she gave them to me after we had some incredible sex so my submissive side was not in the fore front. I had no choice I was instructed to take pictures and post them here. As I started to lather up and get going it did not take long for the submissive man to come back after a few pictures and the cage in place i slipped on the panties my manhood strained against the plastic prison and even though I had the key I knew from the image in my head of the beautiful woman I adore sitting back at home chatting on the phone to a friend sipping wine glancing up at the clock knowing at that time I was locked up and in panties the evil smile I imagined I knew I must obey and the straining against my cage also proved I wanted too.. Just a normal night away with the boys! Well I am guessing it is now...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Proof I will obey

In response to my lovers post. Thank You for your loving words and Yes i do fight my desires I think any Man,Human for that matter would fight for control.However some of us get a wonderful sexual high from giving up control.This should benefit both parties mine for the thrill and more importantly Yours for the Very deserving right to be treated like the Queen you are. I think deep down you are afraid you will get bored with "having it all" This is another reason I resist. I think we can both learn from others the "Thrill of the Hunt" and "Victory of the Capture" I know you know me very well and we both know i may be submissive but i am not "pussy whipped" !
That said i do have a suggestion to prove i will show my committed love to you and assign my own punishment for the lack of respect
How about this weekend on my short trip away. I wear the cage with a plastic serial number lock, I will take a camera and a cell and take pictures at your request of myself to prove i am wearing the device. What if i am in an accident ? well I think knowing the cage is in place will probably remind me to drive with extra caution! This could prove to be a very interesting and keep me very aware of the cage since I will be sharing a hotel room! to further make this interesting If you wish i will hold of cumming from now until you release me from the cage.
i love you LO7

Monday, April 13, 2009

Praise and Rewards

April 13, 2009

What a wonderful tribute to our new life style! Your testimony is truly sincere with feelings from your heart, well done!It has become apparent this blog is a source for you to search deep within your soul , others may benefit from our it appears we are learning others share our desires and fantasies and have began communicating with some of our favorite people.

This past few weeks....and my side of it.

Following minor surgery, with strict instructions from my surgeon "no intercourse" not what your partner wants to here...but, it's not all about him is it girls?!? I wasn't feeling much like having sex, let alone discussing when we would be able to resume sex. I was able to recognized and appreciated what a great bed side slave you had become. You do operate a very demanding business with clients who are much more demanding than I am, IMAGINE that!..Doctors orders or not, the last thing I felt like was penetration. I became disheartened and lost interest after this particular incident happened.
Knowing the Doctor knows best, I casually suggested you put the cage on for the next month,after all, why should I be the only one to do without! your response "NO WAY! that's too long" End of conversation for me. This is the struggle I have, the "GAME" is on your terms and your terms only! Remember this is your desire, I am the willing participant...because I truly believe I could become accustomed to this lifestyle. I love to be in control in most every aspect of my life, why not sexually?! BUT, why should I have to do all the work, this isn't something that is coming naturally to me, I feel as though you need to share your desires or have others contact me with ideas you DESIRE!,
I feel as though this response is relevant to our life style, too busy with our careers to take care of each other...Of course I do have plenty more to say, this is my version to our story. I am seeking advise and feedback for punishment and more importantly getting something from this for ME..after all it's all about my pleasure right?
Babe, I love you and want to please you as much as you do me, but I do CUM first! xoxoxo lo7

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Easter Sunday Update
The Weekend did not have the excitement of a Female Dominated household that I am sure anyone following would like to read about. What it did have was Love and happy times, You see I did remind my lover on Thursday I was hers for the weekend and I really got into my "sub space " My goal was to please her and do all I could to make a Happy Easter! Now my lover fully understands and gets into the Kinky side of Fem Domme. The mental side of control which is a huge turn on for me, she is not sure where to go with it because I have trouble communicating this side of the lifestyle to her. I have asked another Domme woman with a blog if she could help us out, I was thinking that maybe another woman explaining Power to her may make it all make sense . Any way I will keep you all posted as our journey unfolds. And yes pictures will be coming! we both love to take kinky photos and post them for all to see .

Friday, April 3, 2009

New Beginings

This quote I borrowed from the Blog Femdom101 and thought it was fitting to start this post:

"It is often said that strong women want equally strong men. The answer is that takes a strong man to tell his wife of his need for female dominance. It takes an even stronger man to live the life of an obedient or slave husband."

To my Lover, Friend and Mistress
As I write this I realize we are drifting apart, I do not want that! You know me though, Stubborn Male Ego. I have a problem saying sorry or making the first move.
So Once again I turn to the Blog to help me communicate my thoughts. Here we go again, I know you are thinking "it's all about you" I thought I was the Mistress here and you are submissive. Well you are right and I have searched a lot of blogs and read and came up with a plan to get us back on track.
You know how much We both enjoy when we play the Mistress-Submissive on a sexual level. We seem really to connect and are very loving during these times. I get charged up being at your beck and call and can think of nowhere I would rather be. My plan is to do a trial in real life, say Easter weekend! From Thursday after work until Sunday night I will be completely Submissive to you. This will be interesting because there will be friends and family all weekend so it will be a total mind game and completely out of the bedroom, with the understanding that what you say goes without question! and that I absolutely must get your approval on everything YOU require. My appearance, what I eat, drink or any recreation time, spending etc. What makes this exciting for me is that it will be Our secret and thinking of it now I believe the weekend will be full of quick smiles and glances, touching fondling and stolen Kisses, as well as stern reminders of the situation. Sounds wonderful right? So what happens when my stubborn male ego kicks in? That is what you are probably thinking right now, because we both know it will probably show up at some point. Well that is where my recent blog searches have shed light to this problem.
Example 1: I read in one blog where a wife had the same problem, She was getting frustrated and confused with her husband's fantasies being "at his convenience." Let me stop and explain the male brain a bit here. Males who seek to be submissive to there wives/girl friends Have VERY STRONG CRAVINGS but after sexual release or some other event that kicks our egos back in control we revolt, but we know that this feeling to submit will come back and it seems that every time they get a little STRONGER.I think the women in these examples realize the feelings keep coming back and have come up with clever ways control this ego problem.
This Wife used a simple form of humiliation to correct the problem. The wife simply told the husband when he was in his submissive mode that if she sensed his stubbornness coming back from that point on She would simply say "time for the punishment panties" and that meant the ego had to go, and the husband wore a pair of panties during the day and a teddy at night to remind him of his Status at home until she was satisfied his ego was a bay . Plain and simple if he refused GAME OVER.
Example 2:
Again the wife is fed up with the submissive one minute stubborn the next, She solved this by Punishing him for poor behavior but most importantly following through EVERY TIME
for any infraction from domestic chore instructions not followed (Punishment was a strapping and then stand in the corner naked with a stinging Bum nose to the wall for her amusement) To keep his male ego in check he was required to ask every night if he may share HER bed. If She refused for ANY reason he was made to sleep on the floor at her feet, pillow and only a sheet. And like the last couple any resistance meant GAME OVER.
The incident that got my mind back on track I think you will remember. We where getting ready to return home from our weekend getaway with the kids Out of the blue you said "hold my purse while I use the rest room." I said just put it on the table I will watch it. As you where walking away you said "I said hold it" this was a turn on, But the bigger turn on and what made me fall in love with you more is the fact that you did not even turn around to see if I was holding it, you where confident I would obey and when you returned you thanked me, as if it was all normal. I wanted you so bad all the way home. That is why i think this could really help our relationship! I know the affection is crucial to us being one, and if that little incident is any example i will be thinking of ways to touch and be close to you 24/7 Easter weekend.
So I guess what i am saying is I want to prove my love to you and yes the submissiveness is a Strong part of me that keeps getting stronger ever since I shared it with you. I will gladly submit to all your requests, demands and punishments for the weekend.and come Sunday we can discuss How and to what level we want to proceed. I Love You Baby
Kept By7