Thursday, June 3, 2010

Rome wasn't built in a day...

Taking control in this lifestyle is not easy, it can be frustrating and rewarding. This was a fantasy Kb7 approached me with, looking to add some fire to our already hot sex life I was in for the exciting new challenge. For those who are dedicated to this lifestyle can relate with the daily challenges we face balancing kids, family, work, friends and life in general.
Over the past year at times I admit to feeling a little resentful towards Kb7,I often feel as though my roll is much more of an ongoing work in progress. I feel as though I am doing all the giving and changing to please KB7s sexual fantasies and desires. We are human and have our disagreements, admittedly not the best time to express my resentment. As a result we would both pull away from this lifestyle taking sometime to get back on track, making up is always extremely satisfying as I always feel like I get the last word as I regain control once again.
Recently after a very heated argument words had been exchanged and Kb7 misunderstood me, resulting in this blog being deleted. I felt as though this could quite possibly be the end of our relationship. Why?
This lifestyle is something we share with eachother and fellow followers exclusively. I have come to love, worship and admire my Kb7 not the vanilla husband that trys to regain control. Kb7 was shocked when I announced this could be the end of our marriage.Kb7 exploded saying "IT IS ONLY A BLOG"! I retaliated this is not a blog this is us, this is what we have become, this is not only your fantacy anymore this is mine, this is our life. I felt we could not move forward in the vanilla relationship any longer not after having a taste of the FLR! There was no going back, only moving forward with or without eachother. After a tearful couple of days Kb7 announced the blog was back, I can't tell you how relieved I was. I felt like the void was filled again.
I was surprised at how much I enjoy our lifestyle and our BLOG this is us and this is our story. No pain no gain! It is a struggle but very worth the effort. xoxoxo