Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday, July 12, 2010

Tick Tock

LO7 really knows how to keep me on my toes
Friday came and went with no call to start re- training
I guess the waiting is all PART of the training!!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

boot camp

I have always had submissive fantasies, Lo7 is new to the Domme roll, but learning very fast. We juggle between vanilla responsibilities and our secret life. L07 has decided we have been exploring long enough, She has an idea what she wants out of my submissive side but needs to "tear me down and rebuild me".
I have to agree that I do control when I feel like being Sub and that is very frustrating for L07 so she "read the riot act"
When she is ready, she will inform me on a Friday morning and I MUST
1)Clear all plans for that weekend
2)Have groceries and a menu for a light meal Friday night.
3)At 5:00 pm Friday-5:00pm Sunday all my rights and freedom I am accustomed to cease, and I must go directly home and  proceed and obey any instructions I receive  from LO7 without question .
4) If Lo7 is not home and there are no instructions I must simply strip and put all my possession's in "her master bedroom in a box she will provide.
5) Naked , I must now simply wait for my Mistress to arrive, being stripped of rights I may not turn on a TV/radio/computer or eat or drink I must just stand or kneel which ever Lo7 has required and wherever she has required ,me to do so and wait for her.
6) Lo7 has also informed me that any time I am in the waiting mode. I must be using my brain to think of nice things I can do for her , Meal planning , surprise romantic evenings etc. She has also informed me that this is a very important task and while she may be relaxing with friends having a glass of wine I must be using this down time to better our lives. This task of rebuilding my submissiveness is very important and when she does get home the ideas and commitment I share with LO7  will determine where I sleep that night. Bad=garage floor Through Excellent = Master bed
7) LO7 has assured me that we will have a weekend of full Mistress -Slave lifestyle (and by slave she assures me i will not as much as breath without her consent) complete with humiliation private and public, discipline and lots of pampering for her. At the end of the weekend she will review and together we will sit down and talk about what works and does not work for us. LO7 will ultimately make the decision on how much control she will retain from decision making, financial issues and our sex life. LO7 has also warned that if I disobey or even speak with out permission she may end the weekend at any time and this she says would be very detrimental to our future relationship. 1 Last request LO7 has ask me to do is to ask readers for there input on what other things we should explore in this boot camp weekend.
So now I only can wait for her 5:00 o'clock call.