Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Another Month

Hi Again, March is almost gone and once again life has taken the drivers seat. I guess most of us are in the same boat, I hope to have some time in April to up-date every one on our Journey
Kept by7

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

House maid for a day....

Oh what a night...one of the kids had the stomach flu, subsequently one of us had to stay up all night to nurture, nothing better than a moms love when you aren't well. Come 6:00 am I was utterly exhausted! I took a "family care day" from work which resulted in me becoming maid mom and tackling some early Spring cleaning, you know the sort of work that no-one notices but is always a job well done. While my lover maintains the chores, every so often you need to do a deep cleaning. Quite like sex in some ways, dildos, masturbation, ticklers etc are satisying the desire for penetration deep within is most satisfying and necessary at times. Back to my day...so easy to get off track, after nearly 10 hours, spring cleaning well under way with dinner in the oven (ribs, my lovers favorite) I felt much obliged for the job my lover does for me...he doesn't gripe just looks forward to any praise or rewards which he is deserving of. A quick bubble bath and a glass of red wine, dinner, lunches, kids to bed...time for us! Time for the cage to come off, I wanted a damn good shag, no making love for this maid mom tonight. My lover is always up for a good shag he is off for quick shower, while he was in the shower I took control of the cage which was soaking in the sink Ordering my lover to lay beside me... giving him full praise for the allegiance and devotion to our lifestyle, feeling him against my leg with pre-cum, I realized he wasn't listening to a word I was saying! I knew an explosive orgasm is what this maid mom needed, no foreplay permitted, do not cum before me, suck my breast, bury your tongue deep in my mouth....deep, hard thrust....I exploded first, the pressure was off, thinking he had all the time in the world to relish in the fact the cage was off..wrong, I gave my honey 30 second to cum or else it was back in the cage until next time...what a great slave you have become. I love you xoxox

Monday, March 9, 2009


Hello fellow people of this lifestyle, Ladyof7 and i where talking about this way of life and would like some input from anyone who has some to offer. We are very new to this and would like to learn more. What we are looking for is:
A) What would you like to hear from Ladyof7 in this blog
B) Have the posts been interesting & informative so far, what can keptby7 do to make the blog better.
C) Pictures, what would you like to see?
D) being new to this lifestyle we need Ideas & scenarios we can act out. Most of ours come from keptby7 fantasies. we want something new that maybe he might not want to do but needs to prove his submission by doing it.
E) Punishment ideas.
thank you in advance to anyone who replies to this. We will definatly keep everyone imformed

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Control in public

Last night was a first, We were at some friends house and after a few to many wines Ladyof7 started to make comments on Chasity and Fem Domme I laughed it off in front of our friends. Inside I was scared and turned on not knowing how far she would go with it. It did not go on as i changed the subject quickly and Ladyof7 let it go, But this made me think it would be a real turn on if we did it secretly in public. maybe I would not be allowed to have a drink without Ladyof7's permission this could happen if say my glass is empty and someone says more wine? I glance lady's glass is not empty and there is no gesture from her saying it is OK so i say no thank you . Ladyof7 finishes her wine and i ask if she would like a refill and she says yes thank you if you are going to have one or yes since your not having more I will and you can drive. I think the secret controll is probably one of my biggest turn ons as well as the thrill of ladyof7 publicly displaying suttle power she has over me

Monday, March 2, 2009


My Lover arrived home last night tired from her trip. I did not want to bother her with the Blog Changes But wanted her to relax and enjoy being home. I will show her tonight. One thing I am curious about is that I seem to crave to submit to my lovers control the more my every day life fills with stress. Could this be a form of escape for me? I guess I am just starting to understand myself more the more I write my comments here.I am also hoping the woman I love will also read and understand better what is going on in my head as My Communication skills are not the best.