Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Playoff time

Our Canucks are out of the hockey playoffs so LO7 has come up with a new “series” to keep in the playoff spirit.

Tease and Denial, for me, Orgasms for her!

So far LO7 is ahead 2 Orgasms to 0 for me. The only thing different from Hockey is LO7 knows exactly when and how the outcome will turn out and I can only hope it is at least a bit in my teams favor.

LO7 has allowed me to bring her to orgasm with my fingers once while she played with my cock keeping me on the edge of orgasm. For her second orgasm LO7 forbid me to touch her as she brought herself to orgasm with one hand and kept me again on edge with the other. What could be next?

I guess LO7 could continue on racking up orgasms by me licking, and using her vibrator and I could continue to squirm with her magic fingers and mouth bringing me to the point of AMOST no return.

LO7 could create a trade off with Vanilla or kinky tasks! (EX: do this for me and I May let you cum!)

LO7 could set a bench mark EX: 10 orgasms for Her 1 for me.

LO7 could offer different scenarios and make me choose how I would like to orgasm EX: I can masturbate and come on her tits tonight or wait 1 week and enjoy her lowering her hot pussy on my cock and riding me to orgasm! Again she has the option of driving me crazy by adding more rules , EX: if I choose to wait and penetrate her she may require me to lick her to orgasm if I cum before her , thus cleaning my cum from her hot pussy!

The Options are endless but one thing is for sure. I crave the tease and denial, it makes LO7 hot to see me at the brink of exploding only to stop and watch me squirm. Having her make me watch and hearing her bring herself to orgasm almost makes me cum without even touching myself. Now that is a connected couple!!!

However it plays out one thing is for sure, the excitement of the game is worth the agony of denial